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Celebrating 10 years of service in School Nutrition Program consulting and training.

School Food Service

Change on Their Tray

Looking for a fun, educational way to review breakfast and lunch regulations for your staff? This popular back-to-school training is perfect for managers, supervisors, cashiers and line servers.  The training explores meal components, portion requirements, and provides learners with hands-on identification of USDA school meal requirements.

Training Hours: 2- hours 

Training Areas:  Operations: Serving Food; Cashier and Point of Service; Nutrition: Nutrition Requirements

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Cha Ching, Ringing it Right!

Are your cashiers correctly processing meal sales? Meal identification directly affects the bottom line of the school operation and is a critical component of the Administrative Review. Role play combined with meal identification games ensures cashiers properly identify breakfast and lunch trays. Perfect seminar for  back-to school workshops and conferences.

Training Hours: 1- hour 

Training Area:  Operations: Cashier and Point of Service

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Food allergies ... a - z

It's important for your staff to understand the procedures to identify allergen ingredients so they can make suitable food substitutions for students. The 8- common allergens along with diabetes will be discussed as well as procedures for record keeping and documentation.  This training is recommended for managers, production staff, and line-servers. 

Training Hours: 2- hours 

Training Area:  Nutrition: Menu Planning, Special Diets

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USDA Program Trainings

NSLP, SBP, HACCP, SMART SNACKS, AR...OH My! School Food Service can be both a very rewarding work experience and one this is very complex.  Working with children on a daily basis is exciting and engaging.  Completing the required paperwork for the program is the challenge.  Regulations seem to change every year meaning staff member need to be trained and retrained on a regular basis. 

Our team brings over 100 years of SFS experience to your operation helping to ensure staff comply with the regulations leading to success during the Administrative Review process.  The components for these trainings are based on the needs of your team, you can select from one or more compliance area.                                                                            

  • Administrative Review Preparation   
    • Training Hours: 2- hours   Training Area:  Administration and Operations       
  • Civil Rights
    • Training Hours: 1- hour   Training Area: Administration- Program Management
    • Free and Reduced applications; Verification    
      • Training Hours: 3- hours   Training Area: Administration- Free and Reduced Meal Benefits  
    • HACCP requirements (includes review of HACCP manual)  Preparation of HACCP manual also available.                                        
      • Training Hours: 2- hours   Training Area: Operations- Food Safety and HACCP
    • Production Records (includes review of records for each school with list of detailed corrections)                                              
      • Training Hours: 2- hours   Training Area: Operations- Food Production
    • Smart Snack Record Keeping                              
      • Training Hours: 1- hour   Training Area:
    • Wellness Policy Requirements (includes review of policy and assessment criteria)                                                  
      • Training Hours: 2- hours   Training Area: Administration- Program Management, Healthy School Environment
    Carol’s initial review of our production records and the training helped my manager’s properly fill out the form. It was helpful to have her review a 2nd set of production records, after the training, to reinforce they were doing them correctly.
    — Todd Holmes, Parkland SD
    The team from Carol H. Gilbert Consulting helped us have a successful Administrative Review. From help with entering menus in PrimeroEdge to free and reduced applications and food safety requirements they reassured us every step of the way.
    — Carey Kline, FSD, Muhlenburg School District