Industry Solutions

Our team is here to help your products get placed in school cafeterias.

How It Works

If your brand of food or drinks is interested in bursting into schools and cafeterias, we’re here to help. Our team of trained consultants is here to assist you in your brand placement journey. We are experts in the field and will guide you through the process. Some things we will cover during your consulting sessions include:

– Regulations on ingredients

– How to tailor your food or drinks to meet those requirements

– Where to start when seeking new placement opportunities 

– Understanding how your products fit into each demographic 

Tailor Your Products

For most food or drink manufacturers, their products, as is sold in stores, do not meet requirements set by the USDA. Our team of skilled and experienced experts are here to help you understand these regulations, recognize what changes need to be made, and place those newly tailored products in school cafeterias. We also work with your sales team to understand selling to the K-12 segment.